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Professional development.

Committed to supporting the development of coaches and football technical staff in the professional game, throughout their careers.

Delivering Coach Education to the game.

The LCA provides its members access to the LMA Institute of Leadership and High Performance. The LMA Institute takes a person-first and holistic view of career development.

Building a successful and meaningful coaching career in football is a continuous progression of self-improvement taking place in a complex, competitive, intense and volatile industry.

The LMA Personal Development Model guides the LCA’s approach to professional development.

The model provides a simple framework for an individual’s ‘whole person’ development.


Your personal foundations for wellbeing and success including health, self-awareness and career development


Your role in leading teams, managing processes and influencing people


Your technical knowledge of your sport and the sport science disciplines


Your awareness and knowledge of the wider areas of influence on your working environment


The LMA Institute of Leadership and High Performance is established to provide qualifications, CPD programmes and 1-to-1 support for all managers and coaches in professional football in England.

It provides innovative, engaging and vocationally-relevant career-long learning and personal development. Supported by the Premier League, its vision is to contribute to a world-class, skilled and truly diverse workforce where every individual can maximise their potential and build a successful and meaningful career.

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Personal & Professional Development

“I’ve always looked to the LCA education programmes to improve myself and my understanding of where the game is going in the future.”
Michael Johnson

Personal & Professional Development

"The levels of professionalism, organisation and compassion on the Diploma are exemplary. It has been a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience."
Tony Docherty

Personal & Professional Development

The LMA diploma was a thoroughly enjoyable 12 months covering many facets of football management and leadership. The learning and experiences I gained throughout the course have without doubt helped my coaching journey to date and will continue to do
Matt Gill

Personal & Professional Development

Thanks for the learning and experiences gained in the Diploma. It's been a highly engaging course with great content. Excited to implement the skills acquired and support my career now and in the future.
Amy Merricks

Personal & Professional Development

The LMA provide a great platform through the course to learn and develop the skills required to be a modern day manager. It's insightful and also a fantastic opportunity to meet some likeminded and talented people aspiring to progress in the game.
Tony Carss

Wellbeing & Healthcare

"My Healthcare assessment was in line with my experiences of the LCA. Very organized, detailed and professional. I will certainly be doing this regularly and highly recommend everyone to do so."
Leanne Hall

Legal & Employment

“Having access to an expert legal team, specialised in managers and coaches contracts, has been invaluable to me throughout my career, both when joining and leaving a club, giving me peace of mind to focus on my own role.”
Chris Doig
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